You can send a television, but there are several things to take into account if you decide to do so.

Courier delivery is not a gentle process; parcels get loaded and unloaded multiple times on their journey, are stacked with other packages and can be bumped around inside vehicles. As such, delicate items, such as the glass screen of a TV, are at risk of breaking if not packaged properly.

Because of this heightened risk of damage, Ecoparcel will not provide compensation under any circumstances if you ship a television with us.

How to package a television for shipping

You must package a television robustly to avoid damage when shipping. Follow these tips to keep your TV safe:

  • Original factory packaging preferred
  • At least 2 inches (5cm) of cushioning around the television
  • Make sure cushioning surrounds all six sides of the set
  • Use a new box
  • The TV must be suspended in the box and not touch the inner walls at any point
  • All box flaps must be secured
  • Only styrofoam or polythene to be used for packing
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