Drivers make hundreds of collections and deliveries every day. This puts them on a very tight schedule, which does not allow them long to stop at any one address.

It is in the driver's interest to collect your parcel on the first attempt, as returning at a later date costs the courier time and money.

Your collecting driver should make every effort to find your door and make you aware that they are there to collect. However, after knocking or ringing your bell, they are often unable to wait very long for you to come to the door, and if you do not answer promptly then they may assume you are out and move on to their next collection.

If your package is not ready for collection, which could include:

  • Not properly packaged
  • Labels not attached
  • Paperwork (such as customs forms) not printed

then the driver may not be able to wait for you to fix these issues. We recommend you have your package ready by your door to be collected.

Remember, your collection could happen any time during the courier's collection window, which is often all day, so just 'popping out' for a few minutes could result in you missing them and your collection failing.

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