If you are not present to take delivery, most of our partner carriers will leave a card and attempt redelivery. You can use the information on this card to book a delivery date that is convenient to you, or you may now need to collect your parcel from a pick-up shop or depot.

After the final delivery attempt, you will only have 3-5 days to rebook delivery.

The courier should always leave a ‘calling card’ after each delivery attempt, but on occasion couriers neglect to do this.

For some of our partners, the number of attempts for an international delivery may vary depending on destination. 

If you miss all delivery attempts, they will deliver your parcel to a local pick up point if possible, or hold it in the warehouse for up to 7 days, in case consignee does not contact us in time, parcel will be returned or disposed with no refund or compensation possible.

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